ABS Trust guidelines and awards

    1. Start-up funds can be loaned for spectroscopic conferences within the UK, or possibly within Europe.
    2. Assistance can be given:
      1. to UK-based spectroscopy Groups or Societies.
      2. through such a Group or Society, to individuals for spectroscopy research either directly or for attendance at meetings in the UK or abroad,
      3. through such a Group or Society, to students in the UK to participate in meetings.
    1. An application for finance will normally be sponsored by a letter or email from a UK-based spectroscopy Group or Society (see Affiliated Groups) through a letter or an email to an ABS Trust Trustee.
    1. Grants will be made to spectroscopists working in all areas of spectroscopy with preference to those from lower funded establishments.
    2. Support grants for students will be considered when it is evident that they will benefit from or contribute to a scientific meeting.
    1. Groups, Societies and others are reminded that in addition to dispersing monies, the Trust is a registered charity. As such it is in a position to receive grants, covenants and legacies to increase its investment capital.
    1. Donations to the ABS Trust may be made by contacting the ABS Trust Treasurer via an email to abstrustuk@gmail.com or contacting an ABS Trustee.

  • ABS Trust Bursary's

    ABS Trust Bursary UK Students only

    Open for applications throughout the year

    Kirkbright Steers Award 

    Open for applications from the 1st November to the 30th November annually