Kirkbright Bursary Award Recipient(s):

Year/ Recipient(s)/ Affiliation/ Country/ Supervisor/ "Analytical Science"/ Bursary Use

2017/ Maria Sportelli/ National Research Council/ Italy/ Dr. Antonio Ancona/ ATR-IR biofilms/ Visit Analytical and Biochemical Chemistry, Ulm University, Germany 

2016Jiangjiexing Wu/ Nanjing University/ China/ Professor Hui Wei/ Metal Nanoparticles/ Attend and present at a Gordon Conference, USA

2015/  (i) Elizabeth Kish/ CEA Saclay/ France/ Dr. B. Robert/ Carotenoid Protein Raman Spectroscopy/ Presentation at SciX 2015, Rhode Island, USA

     (ii) Yubin Ding/ Nanjing University/ China/ Professor Hui Wei/ / Supramolecular Photochemistry/ Faraday Discussion Meeting, UK

2014/ Jozef Lengyel/ Academy of Science of the Czech Republich, Prague/ Visit lab. of Professor Bernd Winter at Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin, Germany  

2013/ (i)Alexander Gundlach-Graham/ Indiana University/ USA/ Professor Gary Hieftje/ ICP/ToF-MS/ Presentation at EWCPS Conference in Krakow, Poland

           (ii) Xue Shi,/ University of Louisville/ USA/ Professor Xiang Zhang, GC/ToF-MS/ Presentation at PittCon 2013, Philadelphia, USA 

2012/ Jacob Shelley/ Purdue University/ USA/ Professor R. Graham Cooks/ MS/ Presentation at 2012 ASMS Conference, Vancouver, Canada  

2011/ (i)Ishan Barman/ MIT/ USA/ Dr. Ramachandra Dasari/ Raman & NIR Spectroscopy/ Presentation at FACSS 2011, Reno, USA

(ii) Matthew Schlumerich/ University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign/ USA/ Professor Rohit Bhargava, Raman Imaging/ Breast Imaging Course, Naples, florida, USA              

2010/ Michelle Meighan/ Arizona State University/ USA/ Dr. Mark Hayes/ Electrphoretic Separations/ Presentation at Microscale Bioseparations meeting, Prague, Czech Republic 

2009/ Alexy Potapov/ Weizmann Institute of Science/ Israel/ Professor Daniella Goldfarb/ NMR/ Presentation at EUROMAR Congress, Goteborg, Sweden

2008/ (i) George Chan/ Indiana University/ USA/ Professor Gary Hieftje/ ICP-AES/ Presentation at Asia-Pacific Conference, Tsukuba, Japan 

         (ii) Derek Wann, University of Edinburgh/ UK/ Professor David Rankin/ Gas-phase electron diffraction/ Visit GED labortory at University of Karrlsruhe, Germany    

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